About La Laguna Mariscos and Sushi

Serving Specialty Seafood & Cocktails

La Laguna Mariscos and Sushi opened our first location in 1994 in Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas, Mexico, which is on the border of Texas. After more than 20 years, our original location is still operating. Over the years, we started opening up more locations and now have three in Laredo and our newest location in McAllen. We have customers who come in to see us because of our reputation, telling us that they have heard great things from their friends or family. Many of our customers come in on a regular basis because of the quality our food and our atmosphere.

We bring many unique, family recipes to our restaurant, where we cook fresh, delicious food for our customers. Every dish and cocktail we send out of the kitchen has been sourced and prepared to ensure it is of the highest quality and will put a smile on your face when it reaches your table.

A few of the qualities which have set us apart from other restaurants include:

  • We offer live music and live mariachi
  • We get fresh seafood every two days
  • We have an expansive menu of seafood and sushi
  • We have more than 32 signature cocktails and micheladas

Dedicated to Customer Happiness & Satisfaction

Since we opened our doors, our restaurant has become a favorite by customers new and old. In fact, we have achieved a wonderful customer satisfaction level due to our freshly prepared seafood. Our team works hard and dedicates ourselves to making sure our customers are always happy. When anyone comes into our restaurant, we go to great lengths to ensure they enjoy the experience. We want to make sure that every cocktail and food item we serve you is up to your standard.

Come in today or see us or call us at one of the following locations:

  • Shiloh – (956) 723-5050
  • Sur – (956) 568 -1980
  • Jacaman – (956) 701-3353
  • McAllen – (956) 627 -1303

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Live Music & Live Mariachi
  • Over 14 Different Seafood Tacos
  • We Get Fresh Seafood Every 2 Days
  • Over 32 Signature Cocktails and Micheladas
  • Seafood, Ceviche, Sushi. Red Snapper,Tilapia, Octopus, Oysters, and More

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